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Welcome Heading patchwork

O’Neill Center is here to help seniors be HIP – Healthy, Independent and Productive. At O’Neill Center you will find a wide range of enriching, engaging and empowering activities and services designed specifically for today’s older adult. If you are 55 or older, you are eligible to participate in the many programs and activities offered.  

Volunteers help in many ways and are always welcome. Click here to learn more about becoming a volunteer.

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Heading Patchwork Center Events

Afternoon @ the Movies - Oddball & the Penguins
Jun 23rd: 1:00 PM
Tap & Burn
Jun 23rd: 1:00 PM
Tap N Burn
Jun 23rd: 1:00 PM
Weight watchers
Jun 23rd: 4:30 PM
Rock Painting
Jun 23rd: 5:00 PM
Rhythm moves
Jun 23rd: 9:00 PM

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Heading Patchwork Upcoming Trips

6/15 - Cass Scenic Railroad

6/26 - Niagra Falls

7/19 - Capital & Kelton
House Tour

8/1 - Ark Experience &
Creation Museum

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